"It feels great! Like I said before, I feel like this school is a blessing, I'm just glad to be here."
– Shyanne K., Student

"I like it because you get to work on the computers. You are on your own pace. Teachers help you a lot, it's really good, I love it."
– Raul R., Student

"I believe I'm in control in my life right now. It's awesome."
– Raul R., Student

"This school is a great school, especially if you have responsibilities, like a job, it's wonderful."
– Kiara F., Student

"It's important for me, being a role model towards my daughter, so my daughter can say, "my momma graduated from high school, I can do it too." I don't want her following in anybody else's footsteps, I want her following in my footsteps - that's why I'm doing the best I can for her."
– Jessica S., Student

"Instead of looking back and saying ‘I didn't do it', or ‘I could have done it,' I want to say ‘I completed it, I finished it.'"
– Precious T., Student

"Anything you need, the teachers are right there for you. If you need to talk with anyone about your work, they're here for you…they're excellent teachers."
– Tasha L., Student

"It's more relaxed and more calm - easier to focus."
– Iris P., Student

"If you get a high school diploma you can do something with your life."
– Keith K., Student

"The teachers are nice and helpful. And, they're here for you whenever you need help."
– Daryl H., Student

"I think in the future this is going be the program for everyone."
– Stephen G., Student

"This whole staff is here to see us get our high school diploma."
– Jason E., Student

"I can just work at my own pace. I don't have to worry about getting left behind."
– Jelani F., Student

"This definitely saved my education."
– Samantha B., Student

"I would tell anybody who has dropped out of high school that if you sincerely want an education (which is the most important thing) that this program is definitely for you."
– Jelani F., Student

"It's not too late to earn your high school diploma."
– Stephen G., Student

"Now there's a school for kids like you and me."
– Jamier S., Student

"I'd recommend it because it's a place where you can see immediate results in your efforts. On a daily basis you see students doing positive things and changing their lives."
– Mr. Blizard, Academic Coach

"I do this for them. Our students need guidance and someone they can relate to. Someone who is a little older than them and doesn't treat them like they're little kids. A person who kind of understands what's going on out in the world."
– Mr. Hill, Teacher

"The reason I became a teacher here is because I want to see kids succeed where they haven't really succeeded before. I want to see the credits earned. I want to see them get that diploma. And I want to see that success. I want be a part of it."
– Mr. Coon, Teacher

"We don't just focus on one subject - we focus on the student and the barriers they face. More importantly, we show them how to overcome those obstacles."
– Joseph Griffin, Case Manager

"A high school diploma offers our students the opportunity to go to college, which enables them to receive a better paying job. That's why we encourage our students - to make the right decision and earn a high school diploma."
– Mrs. Mason, Academic Coach

"It's a smaller environment which allows the teachers to get to know the students. That understanding makes it easier to help them with the academic issues they face. I think that makes a big difference."
– Betsy Kettle, Teacher

"A typical student is one that has probably dropped out of school, has a family and job, but would like to come back to school to earn their high school diploma. We realize our students have families and jobs so we try to be very accommodating by offering a morning and an afternoon session."
– Ms. Barnes, Principal

"By earning a high school diploma not only are the students helping themselves but they are helping their families, communities and country. One day their children will graduate from high school because of the example their mom or dad set."
– Ms. Barnes, Principal

"Believe it or not, so many of our students lack a sense of accomplishment or confidence in themselves. Our program teaches the students to take pride in their accomplishments by developing the basic skills they require to complete their coursework."
– Ms. Freiler, Teacher

"This school helps our students learn how to be successful in managing their future. They know that if they take responsibility of themselves, they are getting ahead."
– Ms. Freiler, Teacher

"The students can see if you truly want to be here. You must posses the desire in your heart to work with them or they will see right through you. Being here everyday shows them that you are here to help them in whatever way you can."
– Mrs. Madison, Career Coach

"I see more doors opening for them. Because of the time they have spent here, they will go onto college, develop their families and have a positive, successful life."
– Sandra King, Academic Coach